A to Z of Me – D

A to Z of Me – The Letter D:

Dogs – I am a dog person. I can’t lie. I love cats too, but I’ve always owned dogs. The first dogs that I really remember, Spanky and Patches, were so important in my young life. Spanky was what we lovingly refer to as our “Pirate Dog” – he was a grumpy lil pup who said ARRRRRRR when he growled. Oh and he lost an eye when he was older too, so we teased him that all he needed was a parrot for his shoulder!

When I was pretty young, around 2nd or 3rd grade, Patches died. Before that, Spanky was a much happier dog, but after his friend passed, he was changed forever. We thought he missed having a friend, so we adopted a mutt that we named Shadow, but they didn’t have the same bond that Spanky and Patches had.

Shadow was a really good dog though. She was so incredibly sweet, but she was not a very smart dog. Like most dogs, her hobby was watching the squirrels outside the window.

Those were my dogs that I grew up with. Now I have Sir Ashes Drake, who you guys know (and hopefully love!).

Dates – I’m married. I don’t get many of these anymore, unless I specifically demand them. Ha!

Documentaries – I am a huge fan of documentaries. My Netflix queue is full of them! My favorites are ones about historical figures or time periods – topics like Roman history, King Arthur, Vikings, etc. You name it. I’m not as big into more modern things or war-related documentaries. Just not my thing. I also really like food-related ones, like Food Inc and  It Starts with Food. These ones didn’t make me become vegan (or even want to), but they did get me started on the path to eating more and more veg, especially local!


Up next? E!

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