Tribal Con 2015

So, this post is about 2 months late… sorry! I am a belly dancer, as some of you guys know, and there is this amazing conference in late February each year that brings some of the best belly dancers from around the world to my neck of the woods! So, of course I have to go!


This year was particularly amazing. I made some new friends, including Cari from Florida Tribal Belly Dance who made my hair all gigantic and fabulous for the Friday night show! It’s 100% truthful when I say that I have NEVER had my hair quite so big before. Sorry to everyone who sat behind me during the performance!


Also, as a note, I (of course) wore indies to the performance (my eyeshadow was a one-color look using Brisket from My Pretty Zombie), so don’t worry. 🙂


Pics of my fabulous giant hair and a bonus henna pic:

IMG_5468 IMG_5464 IMG_5458 IMG_5455 IMG_5452 IMG_5448 IMG_5447 IMG_1560 IMG_1558


Some performance pics:

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Many thanks to Ziah from Awalim Tribal Belly Dance for hosting every year and putting on such an amazing event!

  • Christina
    April 25, 2015

    Oh hey cool! Another bellydancer in the makeup blogging community! I’ve been ATS-ing since… 2006ish? In the Baltimore/DC corridor. So funny to open your post and see Bagoas! Anyway, your hair (what my troupe jokingly refers to as the “tribal church crown”) looks really awesome!

    • teacupjoy
      April 26, 2015

      So awesome! This was my first time getting the “tribal church crown” – I tend to do more Tribal-Fusion style dance, so this year I got to learn some ATS, which was really fun!

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