Ten Three Labs Marshmallow Menagerie Collection

Today I have the Ten Three Labs Marshmallow Menagerie to review for you guys! I was so excited to get this set in a recent sale – I am obsessed with marshmallow. So, I thought this set would be perfect for me. While I was at it, I picked up another salve stick (these are my faves), and Cara also sent me an eyeshadow sample as a freebie. IMG_6961

Cara also adds in a cute little plastic fish with packages. Silly and cute!


Let’s start with the main event! Perfumes!

Apple Honey Pear – This is described as “Marshmallows flavored with apple, honey (synthetic), and pear.” I’ll be honest. I don’t smell any marshmallow at all. When this is first applied, it is all pear, almost sickeningly sweet. Luckily, after about 10 minutes, the pear calms down a bit and more of the honey comes out. I still don’t pick up the marshmallow, but I do like this scent.

Aussie Rice Treat – Cara describes this as “Puff rice covered with butter and melted marshmallows.” It’s supposed to smell like the Australian version of a rice krispies treat. I have no idea what that smells like, but what I can say is that I do like this scent. But, be warned, you will smell like food. I definitely pick up the marshmallow here. It’s  sweet, but not super sweet smell. The marshmallow fades after a bit leaving a bit of a cereal smell, still not very sweet. Must be the puffed rice.

Bourbon Maple & Brown Sugar – I like this scent a lot. It’s just as described, “Marshmallows flavored with bourbon, maple and brown sugar,” except I don’t pick up much marshmallow. But I’m not mad. This smells like a rum cake, but if it were made with bourbon instead. Delicious. In fact… I should make that. A bourbon cake…

Lavender Chai – This is described as “Marshmallows flavored with lavender and chai.” Again, I don’t smell marshmallow in here, which is sad. That said, I do really like this scent. When first applied, it is a punch in the face of lavender. And I mean a PUNCH in the face. Lavender is such a strong scent to me usually, so maybe I’m extra sensitive to this, but it is overwhelmingly lavender. But, after a few minutes, the intensity dials way back into a gorgeous lavender-spicy scent. I definitely can distinguish the lavender and the chai here. I thought it would be a horrible or weird combination, but in actuality, it’s lovely. This was a surprise win for me, since I normally don’t love lavender.

Chocolate Mint – Maybe I just can’t smell marshmallow. I have no idea. I just don’t smell it in this one either. Makes me sad! But, I am still madly in love with this scent. And I mean madly. It smells like an Andes mint – mint and chocolate are a favorite combination, and this one hits the nail on the head. So yummy. What’s fun is that as this wears, it gets a soft, almost floral background scent. I love love love it.

Orange Ginger – This one is described as “Marshmallows flavored with orange and ginger.” Again, I can’t pick up marshmallow in this (WHY ME?!), but this might be my favorite scent of the bunch. I’ve found myself coming back to this scent over and over again. What’s funny though is that I normally HATE ginger. But the citrus element with the ginger… something about it made me absolutely fall in love. Def going to have to pick this up in a full size!

Sea Salt Caramel – So, I didn’t mean to close out with my least favorite scent, but this is definitely my least favorite. It smells like weird nuts on me. Almonds? Peanuts? I have no idea. But it’s nutty and definitely clashes with my skin chemistry. Sad though, because I think on someone else’s skin, this would be yummy.


I also picked up a salve stick in Monkey Bum Face (brown sugar scented), and I’ve got to say…this is DELICIOUS. I am absolutely obsessed with this scent. I wear it every day. I’m going to have to order like 4 of these out of fear that this scent will be discontinued.IMG_6962

Lastly, here is my eyeshadow freebie, Spellbound. It’s a dusty red with lots of multi-colored sparkles. I especially pick up gold and pink sparkles in this.  IMG_7023 IMG_7027IMG_7031


Overall, I like a lot of these scents, especially Orange Ginger, Lavender Chai, and Chocolate Mint. The sad part is that I only picked up marshmallow in one of them, Aussie Treats. Ahh well. Maybe one day I will find a marshmallow scent that works for me. That said, I will definitely be ordering from Ten Three Labs again. I mean, I need at least 4 of those Monkey Bum Face salve sticks! Plus, I have also been eyeing the Fell perfume. I mean moss, kelp, water lilies, and sugar cookies? What a curious and interesting combination!

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