Ten Three Labs: Dumptruck and Sopresa Saucebox Sheens & Coconut Salve Stick

Today I’m going to share a couple of Ten Three Labs Saucebox Sheens as well as a salve stick in Coconut (http://tenthreelabs.com/). I remember a few weeks ago, Cara had mentioned on /r/IMAM that she wasn’t sure why there wasn’t more buzz around these. So, I wanted to try some out. I didn’t choose specific colors, instead asked her to surprise me!


Actually, I sent her some money via PayPal and asked for a variety, so I was really excited to see these two colors in the surprise package. (Everything else will be reviewed in another post soon – perfumes take me longer to review)

Dumptruck – This is described on the website as a rosey taupe. In the swatches on Cara, it definitely looks rosey taupe. But on my skintone, this is a caramel tan. It’s a lovely color, and on the right person, this is going to look amazing. But on me, I don’t think this really works. IMG_6578 IMG_6579 IMG_6584 IMG_6589

Sopresa – On the website, this is described as an orangey- brick red. On Cara’s skin, it’s a bit more orange. On my skin, this is definitely more of a terracotta. I really love this color, but the orange-tendancies might be a bit much for my skin. Unfortunately orange doesn’t always work for me. Does this mean I’m not going to rock this? Hell no! I still will! IMG_6577 IMG_6580 IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6596

Just a couple of overall notes about the saucebox sheens in general:

  • These glosses are very slick. Both applied smoothly, which I appreciated, since a lot of times something glossier is a bit patchier at first.
  • These saucebox sheens had the strong plastic-y smell to them when you first open up the clamshell. This is pretty off-putting, but once you apply, the smell goes away. If I could offer any amount of constructive criticism on these, I would say that these need to be worked on to cut down on the plastic-y smell and add in another scent of something a bit more pleasing. I know Cara can do scents, since her salve sticks smell amazing.
  • In terms of wear time,I found that Sopresa lasted a long time, like 4 hours, especially helped by the stain, whereas Dumptruck lasted probably more like 2 hours. Overall, pretty average for something glossy.

The salve stick in coconut was really creamy and smooth. It’s such a moisturizing balm. The coconut smelled like real coconut. A year ago, I would have not even wanted to try the coconut flavor. But after doing Whole 30 and having to go essentially Paleo for 6 months, I learned to like coconut, and now I love it! It makes me think of coconut macaroons, which makes me happy.IMG_6572

Can’t wait to share the next round of my Ten Three Labs reviews – perfume edition. Stay tuned!

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