Sorry for the absence

I’ve been gone for a while. I’m so sorry, my dear blog readers! This year has been very hectic, and unfortunately my time to work on my blog has fallen by the wayside in recent months.

There are a few things that I’ve been doing this year that have taken a huge chunk of my free time. All are fun and awesome, but they just mean that I can focus a bit less on my blog. But I don’t want to blame them, really. I’ve just had to balance my free time, and lately, the balance has been in favor of other things. Other fun things like:

My best friend’s baby shower gift. One of my very best friends is about to have a baby (in just a few weeks!!), so I worked with some other friends to throw her a baby shower in February (where I wore this look!). And of course I had to knit her and her baby something fitting and perfect, so I knitted up a spaceship and alien stuffed animal duo, as well as crocheted a solar system mobile for the crib!mobile alien

My other good friend Allie is having a baby in a couple of months, so I’ve been heads down, crocheting her a massive bulldog stuffed animal! She lives in Athens, GA and is a UGA fan, so I thought her son needed something giant and snuggly. It took me a lot longer than expected: making all those pieces took ages, and then I had to crochet them together. But very worth the effort. She loved it, and that made me so happy!max2 max

I’m in another dance performance TODAY! We’ve been having practice every week, and I’ve been practicing on my end when I have spare time. It’s a super cute choreography. If there’s a video of it after the performance, I’ll post. Don’t worry – I’ll be sure to wear my much-loved indies on stage!

Work isn’t a good excuse, but it’s always pretty busy, if not brutal. The new job that I started back in September does make it much harder to find time to blog, since I miss the sunlight most days so I don’t get tons of good pictures. Also, it’s pretty mentally exhausting, so most days after work, I want to completely unplug.

Finally, my husband and I are working on selling our house. We’ve been doing a ton of stuff to prep the house to sell (painting, packing, cleaning, lawn work — its never ending!!). We are hoping to have everything ready to go up on the market soon – hoping to sign the paperwork with our real estate agent next week. Wish us lots of luck and selling vibes. We really want to move closer to work so that I don’t spend so much of my day commuting to and from work – that will definitely give me some extra time to devote to much-missed hobbies!

Anyway, there’s my update. I promise I’ll have some fun makeup stuff soon. I’ve been taking photos, I just have to organize everything together to publish some posts.


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