Snow Day!

So, it’s a snow day in Atlanta. In fact, it’s turning into a snow week (or half week anyway). I’m sure you have heard! And if you haven’t, then, I’ll let you go to Google and find some of the many pictures on this year’s Snowpocalypse!  It’s pretty insane, and I am so thankful to be in my home, safe, sound and warm!

IMG_0212 IMG_0214

Anyway, I worked from home for the day, but when I finished up… I decided to play in my makeup. First, I wanted to practice my eyebrows. I purchased the redhead eyebrow kit from NYX, which I’ll show you later on… but then I just decided to switch eyebrow gear, go with some Avon taupe eyeshadow to fill them in.

And then things started to get crazy. I decided that I just can’t get enough of my new Naked palette I got for Christmas and my new Notoriously Morbid eyeshadows, and I wanted to play in them.

So, I started with a more “natural” or everyday look. I used Cry Wolf Cry in the outer v, Pornographic Priestess in the middle, and then Victorian Gypsy in the center. I finished it off with a bit of Naked from the Naked palette to blend, and then Sin from the Naked palette at the very top under my brow bone. Fun! It’s a pretty subtle, but feminine combo, so I really liked it.

Then, I decided to get a bit crazy. On my other eye, I decided I wanted something dramatic. So, I turned to Shadow of Things. This color is so stunning. It’s a bit dark, so it’s way outside of what I would normally wear, but I love it. It’s a super dark teal with teal shimmers, and with a bit of black from the Naked palette in the outer v and below my lower lash line, I was pretty well done! All I did to top this one off was some liquid pencil Avon eyeliner (my favorite!!) and some Buxom mascara. Bam. That is it. This look I prob would never wear this out, but it was fun for playing.

My husband thought I was entirely too weird. I wore my “split personality” face around the house for a while, just to freak him out. Muahahaha.

Creepster face

Creepster face

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