Shiro Custom Gloss in Apparatus

I feel like I can’t order anything from Shiro without picking up a custom gloss. I think I have an addiction to them. You guys know that I have an obsession with purple lippies, and this one was born from the same need for purple. I’ve been wanting to try a grayed-purple for a while, and Apparatus is described as “pale grey with spectral lavender shimmer”, so I thought it might work. From some other swatches I saw, it looked fairly purple, but it was also hard to tell in the photographs.

In real life, this color is amazing. I picked it up in Moderate opacity, although I sort of wish I had gone opaque with it. Still, not unhappy. On my lips, it is a light grayed pastel purple color – exactly what I was hoping for. Because it’s only moderate, though, you can see that some of my natural pink on my lips comes through a bit.IMG_6717 IMG_6730  IMG_6737

What’s interesting is that when I wipe this off with a tissue or something, it looks pure gray, not purple at all. I really love this, and anyone else who wants a grayed-purple gloss, I def recommend it!

  • Luna
    August 18, 2015

    Ooo that’s actually really pretty.

    • teacupjoy
      August 18, 2015

      Yeah I really like it actually. I’ve worn it a few times. Very happy with it.

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