Shiro 5th Birthday Order – Part 2: Contour and the Bowie GWP!

In this installment of my 5th birthday order from Shiro, I want to talk about the three samples of contouring powders I picked up, as well as the gift with purchase.

Burn the Heart Out of You – I don’t think I could use this color as a contour. It’s pretty warm and dark, which means on my face, it’ll just look dirty. That said, it applies so smoothly and cleanly – very impressive! It takes no work at all to blend it out and soften it. For the right skin tone, this would be an amazing contour! IMG_6058


Do Your Research – This may be my perfect contour color. It’s very subtle. In fact, you can barely see it on my skin! Just the slightest hint. I think this color will be a very natural contour for me. Again, this applied beautifully. I’ll probably buy the full size once I use my sample up.IMG_6059


An East Wind Coming – This was the contour color I thought for sure would be perfect for me, but unfortunately, I think it’s a bit too gray for me. It’s a cool gray with almost a suuuuuper slight greenish cast to it, so I don’t think it’d work for my skintone. Again, that’s why it’s good to try out samples! I think I’ll hold onto this though. I may try it out some time when I need a more dramatic contour. Again, applied beautifully.IMG_6060




Five Years, Stuck on my Eyes – This was the GWP for the 5th birthday bash. I knew I needed it. I mean, David Bowie – let’s be real. It’s a really weird color, though, and I don’t know how I feel about it. I expected a brown with some copper sparkles – not too unique. Instead, it applies so different depending on the base, which is super surprising!

IMG_6056 IMG_6057

With no base, it’s a matte dark purple-y with copper sparkles. I really like it like this. But, once you put a base under it, the brown comes out, which I find a lot less exciting. With white base, you get some sense of the matte. But with Glitter Blue, it just turns into a russet brown with copper sparkles. This is definitely a color to not use the sticky base with! That takes all of the uniqueness out of it.

IMG_6062IMG_6067IMG_6065IMG_6063IMG_6064 IMG_6066

Do you use indies to contour? I feel like the Shiro options and the Pumpkin & Poppy Oak Bark are the major options in the indie universe. Am I missing any that I should try out?

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