Notoriously Morbid Haul (Again. — No really, am I addicted?)

Hi, my name is Abie, and I have a problem.

That’s the first step, right? Admitting the problem?

Well, at least it’s not heroin! Ha! Better to have an additional to high quality, but not expensive, indie makeup products. And they have Freebie Fridays regularly, which are almost impossible NOT to take advantage of. I mean, the products themselves are amazing, AND a sale or freebie? Here, take my money!!

So, there I was again, forking over more money to NM and not feeling the least bit bad about it. They had just put out the newest collection, The Slay Me Collection, inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And I just couldn’t say no. I mean, really? Buffy? That Freebie Friday deal was “Spend $10 and get Where all the Kids and the Vamps Go for free”, so I got $10 of samples (so that I know which ones I need the bigger sizes of, obviously). The thing is, the sample sizes are super generous. Most other indies give 1/8 tsp in their sample baggies. NM gives 1/4 tsp. Huge difference!

So, I got:

  • The Dating Slayer (sample)
  • Boca del Infierno (sample)
  • Gypsy Curse (sample)
  • Dust to Dust (sample)
  • Nudist (sample)
  • Forgotten Dreams (sample)
  • Look Upon Me (sample)
  • Quiet Storm (sample)
  • Where all the Kids and the Vamps Go (free full size with purchase!)
  • Nighttime in Emerald City (free sample)
  • Zinthos (free sample)

These colors are awesome. Most of them are the mattes from the Slay Me collection (a mix of Wave 1 and Wave 2, I believe).

The Dating Slayer
This is a matte, very bright sky blue. Carolina blue, even. I think I like it even without any primer on it. I love the bare color, so I think with Urban Decay Primer Potion, it’ll look really gorgeous.


Boca del Infierno
This is a badass color. Unlike (allaboutbobbie), I am terrified of red eyeshadow. I’m going to really need to convince myself to use this. But I got it because it’s unlike anything else I own. It’s a deep, matte, blood red. Very intense. It also stains, so be aware.


Gypsy Curse
This is a really nice dark taupe matte color. I’ve been using my sample of this a lot. It’s just so damn useful paired with pretty much any combination of things. It’s a slightly purple taupe color. Lovely.


Dust to Dust
This is a nice matte dusty green. It’s a bit of a creepy color, which I love about it. This is an extremely unique color. I will def be wearing this one a lot.


This color is so versatile. It’s not quite my own skin tone. It’s slightly darker, but it works really great for me as a blending color, as long as I add a nice highlight under the brow bone. It’s got a super subtle silver sparkly to it.


Forgotten Dreams
Lovely bright, very sparkly purple. LOVELY. It’s got a pink duochrome to it too. I knew I’d like this color, but it’s more than that. I am in love.

IMG_1240 IMG_1243 IMG_1241

Look Upon Me
Dusty purple-y taupe. Lovely. When you wear it with glitter glue, though, it turns into  a beautiful blue.

IMG_1246 IMG_1247

Quiet Storm
This color is lovely. It’s a very pale, dusty lilac color.


Where all the Kids and the Vamps Go
This color is stunning. It’s an EXTREMELY shiny rose gold color. A new favorite. Really, I might never get over how much I love this color.

IMG_1250 IMG_1251 IMG_1252

Nighttime in Emerald City (free sample)
This is a really lovely dark green that is very shimmery.


Zinthos (free sample)
This is a really dark dusty purple color.  Without primer though, it basically disappears, which is a bit disappointing. But with primer, it’s a very pretty dark purple.

IMG_1259 IMG_1260

Another fabulous purchase from NM, yet again. Can’t wait for the next one. The real problem is… how do I store all of these?!?!

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