MAC Heroine – It is finally mine

Heroine was released years ago (2013 maybe) and made it to MAC’s permanent line in early 2014. Since its first release, people online have been going crazy. And I’ve been wanting it ever since I saw the first swatches.

What’s funny is that I much quicker to purchase a $17 lipstick from an indie company, whereas with a mainstream company, I sometimes have to work myself up over months and months to pull the trigger and buy.


I went to the mall a few weeks back to find out what Mac foundation shade I am, since that’s the industry standard apparently (I am a NC10, in case you need to know – NC15 if I’m extra tan). Since I was already there, I decided to do it, to just buy this lipstick I’ve been wanting for years. Yes, YEARS.


It comes in the standard Mac lipstick case, which is black plastic, with a nice curved design. I believe this packaging is the comparison for all lipsticks nowadays. I won’t go much into it since most people know what it looks and feels like.

Let’s get to the lipstick itself. Heroine is gorgeous. The texture is really creamy, especially for something that is supposed to be matte. In reality, it’s not matte at all for me. It’s much more of a satin finish. Creamy, with a bit of shine, but not a ton.

The color is everything I wanted. It’s a violet purple with a bit of a fuchsia-ness, just enough to be fierce. In indirect light, it looks a lot more purple, but  in sunshine, the fuchsia comes out. IMG_6937 IMG_6945

It does leave a pink stain behind, which I actually found pretty nice. I should have gotten a photo of the stain. Damn!

Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase.

Have you tried Heroine? Are there any lipsticks out there you are obsessing over?

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