Kiss My Sass: Lip Addicts Anonymous Subscription Box May 2015

Subscription boxes are all the rage in the beauty community, and that trend has carried over to indies. There are a few indie boxes available, but they are normally pretty limited in number, so it’s tough to snag one. In fact, I haven’t been able to until now.

Most indie sub boxes are focused on either eyeshadow/blush or bath stuff. So, when Elizabeth of Kiss My Sass announced that she was putting together a monthly sub box focused around lip products, I was excited! I’ve reviewed some of KMS’s lip glazes, and overall, I was really pleased.

When these went on sale, you had the option to buy the reoccurring shipment for $8/month + $2 shipping, but unfortunately, I didn’t see that option (I was in a rush), so I ended up getting the one-time box for $10 + $2 shipping.

The package was set up to ship on Monday (5.4), and it arrive at my house today (5.8), which is very quick! It was packed in a padded envelope, not a box (not that that matters, but it’s still called a subscription box even if it’s not in a physical box – is that weird?).

When I opened the package, there was a professionally wrapped little leopard-print paper bag.IMG_5885

Inside were the contents of this box, which were:

Lip glaze in Hypnotic: This is a magenta-violet lip gloss in a nice plastic tube with a doe foot applicator. The gloss itself isn’t sticky at all. The doe foot applicator does squeeze off a lot of gloss when you pull it out of the tube, which isn’t a bad thing. It keeps you from pulling out way too much gloss at once. But if you want to layer it, you have to work for it.      IMG_5887

Bare lips:IMG_5891

One layer (it’s a bit patchy with just one layer):IMG_5893

Built up:IMG_5892

Built up more:IMG_5909

The color of the gloss itself is so lovely. In indirect sun, it’s a more violet-magenta color with a strong blue duochrome to it, which I love! In direct sun, it’s more pink-magenta, and the pink sparkles really come through.IMG_5921IMG_5913

Wearing this color, it lasted for about 3.5 hours (including eating a bowl of popcorn, a protein bar, and drinking some hot chocolate – yes, that is my dinner on a Friday night!), so that’s actually pretty impressive. I didn’t line my lips or put on any lip primer, so it’s impressive that it lasted for so long. I did get a bit sticker as it wore down, but it wasn’t at all uncomfortable or even too noticable, but I thought I’d call that out.

Also, the scent for this is pink frosting. It smells just like Shiro’s pink frosting scent to me, but it’s slightly less chemically, which is nice. I think Shiro’s is a bit much, so this is just the right amount for me.


Sample of Tattoo Shop eyeshadow: This eyeshadow has black base that shows dark purple with electric blue and hot pink sparkles. IMG_5886

The sparkles and color really show up, whether over a sticky base or even just NYX white base. Obviously, over no primer or anything at all, it’s mostly just the black base with some random sparkles. This color is absolutely gorgeous. I think it’ll make an amazing liner! You’ll see that the purple is more blue-purple in indirect sun and is more royal purple in direct sun.IMG_5894 IMG_5896 IMG_5901 IMG_5904

Other than as liner, I personally probably wouldn’t wear this color. You guys know I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows with black bases in general. But other than my personal feelings on that matter, this is a really nice quality eyeshadow and the purple sparkles are really easy to get to show. This color is in KMS’s permanent collection.


Sample of Sailor’s Demise: This color is described on the site as inspired by mermaids, which is spot on. When I swatched this and took my notes, all I wrote is “I am a mermaid.” It’s a gorgeous blue-green color. The creaminess is really nice, too. I’ve never worked with a cream eyeshadow before, so I’m really excited to try this out. It’s a pretty large size sample, too, which is nice! I’m very curious to try this out and see if I have any trouble with creasing. I’ve always wondered that about cream eyeshadows. This product is also vegan, which is interesting. Link to it on the siteIMG_5889IMG_5888IMG_5898


Hypnotic perfume: This is a perfume sample that is a dupe of Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret. I haven’t smelled that in a long time, so I can’t say how close this is or not, but regardless, it is a bright, citrusy, and fruity smell.


Overall thoughts: I really liked this box. I think all of the products included were really nice quality. I was happy with every product in here!

I do wish that the collection felt more cohesive, like some of the other indie subscription boxes out there (especially Aromaleigh, Notoriously Morbid and Hello Waffle have great, cohesive themes!). Instead, this felt much more like Birchbox in the way of “Well, we just had some random stuff, so we decided to just send it out together and call it a box.” I prefer the boxes that have a monthly theme that feels cohesive, so if I were going to give feedback, it would be that. Also, I like when the indie boxes have samples from other companies too, so hopefully as this box gets a following, that’ll be included as well.

But, to sum it all up – Would I buy this again? Hell yes! I feel like the value is definitely there. I also really like KMS’s products. I’ve ordered from Elizabeth a few times, and I’ve always been extremely pleased with the customer service and quality of products. So, would I recommend this? Yep. Will I try to get on the reoccurring schedule? Probably. Will I at least buy a few more boxes until I am exploding with lippies? Yep!!

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