Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in electric pastel peach, 714

So, in looking at swatches online of 714, Jeffree Star’s neon pastel peach velous mattel liquid lipstick, I was pretty sure this color would look terrible on me. That should have scared me away, but it didn’t. There’s something about this color that just drew me in and made me NEED it.IMG_6741

As it turns out, it does look terrible on me. The color is just not something that really flatters me. That said, I still love the color.

But, the sad thing is how this one applies. I had read elsewhere that it works best if you apply two thin coats, so I figured it’d be how Unicorn Blood was. But, I was mistaken. I applied one thin layer and it looked ok, but was definitely not fully opaque. It also settles into lip lines really badly. IMG_6745 IMG_6748

So, then I applied a second thin layer. Still looked crappy and patchy.IMG_6755 IMG_6756

So, I tried to do a third layer, and that looked so much better. But it felt so thick and awful. I wish I could have gotten that same opacity without having to feel so horribly thick.IMG_6765 IMG_6768 IMG_6771

It did hold up well after a meal, but honestly, I couldn’t wear this for more than a few hours with how thick it felt on my lips. IMG_6785I’ll keep trying it, but buyer beware: while all of the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks are hard to put on (at least at first), this one is the most difficult of the three I’ve tried so far. I haven’t been able to wear this for a full day because of how uncomfortable it is… Too bad the color is completely gorgeous and everything I want in the world…

Do you have this? How do you manage it? I really want to make this one work because I am so in love with the color, but… I just can’t stand how it feels. That said… I’ll keep trying. If I ever am able to figure out if there’s some magic trick to this one, I’ll update this post.

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