First Femme Fatale Order! Lots of shifty goodness!

So, after I received a few baggies from the wonderful Kristen, I began to obsess about Femme Fatale and what other colors I wanted to try. The problem is…there are so many. After doing extensive research online, looking at swatch after swatch after swatch, I narrowed down what my first official order would be.

I figured this would take a good chunk of time to get to me from Australia, so I ordered and then almost forgot about it so that I wouldn’t obsess every day. For the cheaper shipping options to the US from Australia, there’s no tracking or anything, so once my order shipped, it was in no man’s land until it arrived in my mailbox.

The amazing part is, though, how fast it arrived!

Ordered: 2.1.15
Shipped: 2.8.15
Arrived: 2.19.15

Super quick, considering it had to travel from the other side of the world!

First of all, look how adorable the packaging is! I loved the polka dots!

IMG_5252 IMG_5251

The packaging was really nice. The jars were all individually wrapped, which just looked so professional. I did find, although I didn’t get a photo of it, that the stickers on the inside of the jars to seal the shadows so they don’t spill didn’t quite do their job, so when I opened the jars, a few of them had some spillage. IMG_5254IMG_5253IMG_5256  IMG_5255


I have been able to play around with these eyshadows for a little while now, and I’ve got to say – these are really nice. Definitely live up to all of the hype. The eyeshadows are all very buttery and smooth. And the shifts are just as strong as everyone says. So beautiful!
Here are some swatches and pics of what I picked up. A note, all swatches have Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.


Golden Peridot – This is a sheer white eyeshadow that has a crazy strong gold and green shift – gorgeous! I am really excited to use this color to layer over maybe more one-dimensional colors. Or this will be gorgeous to use on the inner corner. Actually, I can see myself wearing this all over, with a strong black winged eyeliner. I might have to do that soon…IMG_5305IMG_5304IMG_5318


Moonglow – This one, as you guys already know, is a fave of mine. To me, it looks like a dusty blue with a golden copper shift.IMG_5306 IMG_5307IMG_5319


Perspecto-Illusion – I knew I would love this one. And I do. It’s a dusty pink/lilac with a strong bright blue shift.IMG_5308 IMG_5309IMG_5320


Candied Apple – Everyone loves this particular color from FF, and now I understand why. It’s super unique. It’s a dusty pink-brown base with a strong green shift. Such an interesting combination! Not sure if I’ve seen anything like this, ever, which makes me love it. I really love wearing this, since the color is different when you pat it on, as compared to when you blend it (the dusty pink comes out when you blend), so you can use the one eyeshadow as an all-over color and it still looks so complex. Very nice!IMG_5311 IMG_5310IMG_5321


Sunfire – I expected to fall over myself in love with this one. It is nice – I do really like it. I’m not sure about love yet though. It’s a coral-y pink with an orange shift. The website says copper shift, but it looks orange to me. I messed up the GG on this swatch. Dont judge. That stuff can be tough to use if you don’t let it dry to the just right stage of tackiness.IMG_5312 IMG_5313IMG_5322


Bat Wing Hall – I almost got this color in a larger size, so I’m glad I got it as a sample. It’s a dusty mauve with a soft copper shift. Definitely not as strong as the other colors, but it’s nice. It’s not fall-over amazing, but it is nice. Excited to play with it.IMG_5315 IMG_5314IMG_5323


Time Lost – This was my other free sample. It’s got great pigmentation and applies like butter. The color isn’t super unique to me, though. It’s a lovely copper with a slightly rosy base. Maybe like a rose-copper (instead of a rose-gold). It’s nice, and I’ll use it, but I probably won’t buy a larger size when this runs out.IMG_5316 IMG_5317IMG_5324



Overall, I am completely enamored with my purchase. I will defo be purchasing more FF in the future!

Bonus hand swatches!

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Are there any other Femme Fatale colors you think I should pick up?

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