Too Faced Lip Insurance – A Follow-Up

I wanted to do a quick follow-up to my original post including Too Faced’s Lip Insurance lip primer. I originally did a quick test with the primer and noticed that it did darken the lipstick a good bit. And it helped it stay on for about 4 hours. I wanted to do a follow-up post, though, to show photos after a full day of wear, what the difference is.

The tube, just a normal tube with a doe foot applicator:



After initial application:IMG_5016


After 4 hours:



After a full day:

With primer:


With no primer:IMG_5107 IMG_5106



So, after a full 8+ hours, it’s pretty amazing how clean the line is with the primer. I didn’t use any lipliner for this test at all, so the fact that the line is still so clean is damn impressive.

Have you used this stuff before? Did you see similar results?

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