Too Faced La Creme Lipsticks are my jam!

Last fall, Too Faced had an insane sale, and there were a couple of La Creme lipsticks for ridiculously cheap ($8 each?! Say what?!). So, I picked up Fuchsia Shock and Loganberry. I’ve been eyeing Fuchsia Shock for what seems like forever, so for $8, I couldn’t pass it up. And I added on Loganberry as well, just for kicks. $8 each. Seriously, what a steal! Sorry this post took so long. This was one of the ones that got backlogged for a while while I was distracted by many pretty shiny things… Whoops!


Fuchsia Shock – When I received this, I was soooooo excited. I’ve been wanting this color so badly. And for $8?! Are you kidding me?? So when I opened up the lipstick tube, I was so disappointed. The lipstick had fallen out of the bottom of the tube and smushed against the top. So sad! I contacted Too Faced’s customer service and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Eventually after a few weeks and MANY contact attempts (3 emails as well as both Facebook/Twitter). Finally, I heard back. They sent out a replacement tube, thankfully. Really, it shouldn’t have been so hard. Ugh. Anyway.

The lipstick itself is so much fun. It is an awesome HOT pink. It also just left a slight stain with only a little bit of a ring.

Overall, I love this color just as much as expected!IMG_4859IMG_4862


Loganberry – So, I had really low expectations for this. Not for the color. I knew that’d be gorgeous. But I thought with such a creamy formula, this would certainly come off in the matter of minutes. 2014-09-19 08.36.03

Much to my absolute joy, it lasted amazingly. The first picture shows it after first application. 2014-09-19 08.36.42

The second shows lipstick after over 5 hours, 2 meals, and 2 cups of coffee! 2014-09-19 08.56.27

I am thoroughly impressed.

After lunch, I reapplied once, and then the next picture is after a giant, messy dinner.2014-09-19 12.53.15



So far, I have loved all of the Too Faced La Creme’s that I’ve tried. Have you tried them? What other colors should I pick up?

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