Fabulous neutrals. EOTD featuring Notoriously Morbid and Innocent + Twisted Alchemy

I love colorful eyeshadow, but I have a really hard time wearing it every single day. I mean, I worked for an advertising agency, and they know I’m a little bit odd, so when I come in with hot pink eyeshadow, no one really bats an eye… but when I meet with clients, I need to look professional.

Professional, but not boring.

So, out comes my indie collection. For this look, I used:

  • Notoriously Morbid: Kilgarrah for pretty much all over, Gypsy Curse for the crease, Nudist to blend, Lizard on a Window Pane for the inner bit
  • Innocent + Twisted Alchemy: Evil Snowflakes for under the brow

IMG_1133 IMG_1132

Don’t mind the car pictures. I was sitting in my parking lot at work, and I wanted to snap some pics before going in for the day. Also explains why I look so tired!IMG_1129 IMG_1123

I also look like I’m always about to cry. What’s up with that?IMG_1121 IMG_1119

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