Blackbird Cosmetics – pressed mattes galore!

I had ordered from Blackbird Cosmetics a while back, and since then, Maleah has released pressed pans of her eyeshadows. I’ve been wanting to try these pressed versions out for a while. And then a few weeks ago, she announced that it was Blackbird’s birthday and offered a special discount. So, of course I had to jump on this. I mean, July is my birthday month, therefore I deserved to spoil myself, right?


IMG_6775 IMG_6781

I had a really hard time limiting myself to just a few of the pressed pans. I somehow narrowed myself down to 7 of the pressed shadows, but I still want to get all of the others. Hopefully sooner rather than later because, I’ll be honest, these are the best matte eyeshadows I have ever used. I found that the first release of Blackbird’s mattes could sometimes apply patchy, but these reformulated ones are so buttery and amazing. I was truly impressed!IMG_6789

Here’s what I picked up. Note: No swatches use any sort of primer or base. I find that Blackbird’s mattes perform best on bare skin. And don’t worry about wear time without primer unless you have super oily skin. Seriously, these are stunning. They last the entire day flawlessly on me without any primer or anything. Just perfect.IMG_6790

One thing I will note is that I had a really hard time photographing these today. The sunlight was being difficult, so I tried to do a little bit of color correcting on the photos to make sure that they look as close to the eyeshadows in real life.


Half Full – This is a cream eyeshadow, described as whitened gold. I find this to be a creamy white with the slightest yellow tint to it. I do like this color, but I sort of wish I had picked up Dim Tradition instead. You’ll see from the swatches below, but this color is slightly more yellow, whereas Dim Tradition is a very light taupe, which I think will be more wearable for me.IMG_6797IMG_6828
Whisper – Whisper is a beautiful pastel purple-gray. This color is lighter than I expected, but I absolutely love it. It’s perfect.IMG_6798
Immortals – I had this in the old formulation, and I really loved the color. It’s basically the perfect pink for me. It matches my skintone almost perfectly, but with a slight pink-tint to it.IMG_6799
Thirteen – I also had this color in the old formulation, and this is the one that I wore the most often. It’s my fave. It’s a light mauve-taupe, leaning more towards the brown site of things. I like the formula here much better. The old version of Thirteen was often a bit patchy, whereas I haven’t found that at all for this. Since I got these, I’ve used this one almost every time I need a matte. Def going to hit pan on this one first.IMG_6800
Figment – Figment is a beautiful deep mauve. It’s a beautiful darker color, and I know it will pair well with any of the lighter colors I picked up.IMG_6801
Everest – This is a greenish khaki color. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but I’m going to be honest – I love it. It’s one of those colors that I can’t decide if I like it or not, but I definitely do. The more I look at it, the more I like it.IMG_6802
Fire Pledge – This color is everything and more than I wanted. I actually got it with my first Blackbird order, and I have only worn it a few times, so I still have a ton left in my sample. But, I just couldn’t NOT get it. It’s too perfect. It’s a brick red-orange, and it is absolutely stunning. I can’t get over how much I love it. I need to wear it more often, especially with the pressed version. Maybe I’ll wear it tomorrow.IMG_6803


IMG_6792Bonus dog I was puppy sitting when I took these photos! Meet Wendy, my parents’ dog. IMG_6793IMG_6794


Lessen – I also picked up Lessen, which is Blackbird’s lightest contour color. On me, it looks just like a shadow on my skin, which is exactly the desired effect. I may still need to find something a bit more dramatic for some looks, but for an everyday contour, I am thinking this will become my Holy Grail.IMG_6823
Dim Tradition – This was one of my free samples. I already have this color in the old formulation, but I was curious to experience how the new formulation compared. Yup. It’s much better. This is a super light taupe, basically perfect. I like to use this color all over my eye and then pull in something darker for the crease and outer v.IMG_6824
Atlas – This was my other free sample. It’s a dark tree-bark brown. This one is pretty dramatic for me, but it blends like a dream, so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this.IMG_6825
Ruca – I almost picked this up in the pressed version, but I decided against it since I thought it would be a bit too dramatic for me. Turns out that it is dramatic, but it’s also pretty stunning. It’s a red brick-brown color. It’s basically like Fire Pledge’s browner, sexier sister.IMG_6826 IMG_6827

Ollie’s song – This was the gift with purchase (GWP) for orders of a specific size for the birthday sale. It’s a blackened purple with red and gold sparkles.IMG_6777 IMG_6778 IMG_6817 IMG_6818 IMG_6819 IMG_6820 IMG_6821

Overall, I am completely enamored with these eyeshadows, and there is no doubt in my mind that I am going to complete my collection. Although I am used to loose eyeshadows now, since that’s the majority of my collection, I much prefer the pressed versions of Blackbird’s eyeshadows.

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