Aromaleigh Samples and Swatchies

I’ve been stocking up on Aromaleigh eyeshadows recently. I’ve been impressed with their products, and so I keep ordering them. This set of swatches I have for y’all today are actually free samples from my 2 most recent orders: The Serpens collection and the Feast of Lupercal collection. With each order, I received 4 samples, which is pretty damn generous! That’s more samples than any other indie company that I know of gives out. A lot of the samples are from the clearance site that Aromaleigh has with all their discontinued colors, so I do wonder if they are just trying to get rid of some of stock. Regardless, I do really like a lot of these colors.

Note: All swatches have Darling Girl Glitter Glue on the left and NYX white base on the right.

IMG_5070 IMG_5068This color is a dark orange-red with a rosey sheen to it. I wasn’t sure that I loved this at first, but after using it once, I decided that I really did love it. It’s one of the colors from the clearance site, described as a “glorious red garnet gleaming shimmer.”IMG_5092


IMG_5073 IMG_5071 IMG_5072This is a pearl-y yellow color with what looks like copper and green sparkles. I like it ok, but this isn’t a color I’ll reach for, I don’t think. I have some other similar colors, and I just don’t wear yellows that much.IMG_5093


IMG_5076 IMG_5075 IMG_5074This color was the January Color of the Month. Each month, Aromaleigh does a special color under the theme of Mythical Monsters. This color is a cool, dark blue with multicolored sparkles, especially with noticeable pink sparkles. On the site, it’s described as “an icy deep blue with a silvery shift, accented by red and blue sparks.”IMG_5094


IMG_5079 IMG_5077 IMG_5078Solange is a nice copper with green sparkles. It’s also from the clearance site. It was in Aromaleigh’s “Bete Noire” collection, which I’ve seen some swatches of and have been definitely wanting to try before they go away forever. The website describes this as “a deep, warm cocoa brown with bright green sparkle.” I really love this color!IMG_5096


IMG_5082 IMG_5080This is another from the clearance site. It’s a baby pink/lilac with a slight sheen. The site describes this as “a soft whisper of pinked mauve with silvery highlight.” This color is nice, but nothing that makes me jump up and down. But it’s nice and will work with a lot of different looks.IMG_5097


IMG_5085 IMG_5084 IMG_5083This color is from the Serpens collection. I’m glad I got this as a sample. I had wavered on whether or not I should pick this up when I was buying some of the Serpens collection before. It’s a green burnt gold, which is quite pretty.IMG_5098


IMG_5088 IMG_5086 IMG_5087This is a dusty teal/turquoise color. It’s nice, but I probably won’t really use this one, to be honest.IMG_5099


IMG_5091 IMG_5090 IMG_5089 Now this one is a favorite. I tend to love complex neutral colors, and Gryphon is definitely that. It’s a slightly browned gray with multicolored sparkles. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s the CoTM from November. Very glad this one came as a sample!IMG_5101


Which one of these is your favorite?


  • Emily / Hannah
    March 26, 2015

    The shades are gorgeous. I especially like the first one and solange x
    han // emandhan xo

    • teacupjoy
      March 26, 2015

      Yeah! Those are both gorge!

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