Another Notoriously Morbid Haul – My wallet hates it, but I love it!

So, as you guys know, I am obsessed. I was compiling my list of Notoriously Morbid eyeshadows I have, and it was a lot. Almost so much that it’s embarrassing, except the fact that they are all fabulous.

I have two recent NM purchases, since I can’t resist the Free Day Friday deals they run (as you well know). This FDF deal was 30% AND a mini of a special color, Tea Tosh, named after Carrie’s dog who had recently passed away.
So, I put in an order, upgrading a couple of things I have samples for to Minis, knowing that I will use these colors a lot.
  • Nudist (mini)
  • Gypsy Curse (mini)
  • Quiet Storm (mini)
  • Dust to Dust (mini)
  • Storm (sample)
  • Garmonbozia (sample)
  • She’s Full of Secrets (sample)
  • Kompanion no. 9 (sample)
  • Rose (sample)
  • Tea Tosh (mini -GWP)
  • Cry Wolf Cry (free sample)
  • Sometimes my Arms Best Back (free sample)
I won’t swatch all of these, since quite a few of them have been done before, which I linked to above. But, the new ones, I am very excited to swatch!! Let’s gooooo.
Storm – I am really drawn to grays. My favorite colors in general are usually shades of gray. It’s no wonder that I like this color. Storm is a really complex color. I swatched it over Glitter Glue and over NYX white base, and the colors are completely different. With no primer at all, it’s almost a pale dusty purple with silver shimmers. Over GG, it looks like a medium gray with a champagne colored shift. Over the NYX primer, it has a blue shift on a purple-gray base. But then you move slightly in the sunlight, and it has a blue sheen to it. Very complex color. I’m surprised and pleased.
Garmonbozia  – I’m really not sure what I expected from this color. In the baggie, it looks like a sick-yellow color to me. The kind of color I’d never wear because I would look absolutely ill. But when swatched, it comes to life in a very unique way. With no primer, it’s a mustard-y ill-looking yellow with chunky red glitter. Over GG, however, it changes to a rust color with that strange, yet awesome, chunky red glitter. Over NYX base, it is a darker rust color, with those fab red glitter chunks, but then when you turn, it gives a surprise pewter-y shift. I’m not sure how often I’ll wear this, but when I do, it’ll be a special day indeed.
She’s Full of Secrets – Why did I not buy a full size of this one. Holy crap. This color is right up my alley. It’s a lilac purple color, which I love. And over primer, it gets this surprising blue-champagne shift. Love.
Kompanion no. 9 – Looking at the color of the powder, I thought this was going to be another gray, maybe a matte-ish gray with some subtle shimmer. Nope. That was wrong. Wrong in a way that I’m ok with though. This color is a dusty purple with red sparkles and a red shift. And in sunlight, you can reeeeally see that shift.
Rose – This is another color I knew that I’d love. This color makes me think of faeries. It’s a baby pink with SO MUCH SPARKLE. In the sun, it is so sparkly that it is almost blinding. YES. And it has a pretty golden shift to it. If this were a dusty rose base color, it’d be a definite rose gold. But the pink base color is much cooler and brighter, giving this a very unique look. A larger size of this is definitely in my future.
Sometimes my Arms Best Back – This is a nice medium brown color, on the cool side of things, with a nice copper shift and copper shimmers.
Tea Tosh – This is going to be another everyday color for me. It’s a lovely champagne color with a slight red shimmer to it. It’ll look good in a variety of looks.
My favorites out of this bunch: Rose, She’s Full of Secrets, and Tea Tosh.
More pics:
IMG_2065 IMG_2064 IMG_2063 IMG_2055 IMG_2053 IMG_2052

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