A to Z of me – N & O

 A to Z of Me – The Letters N & O:

Netflix – Ok, so I have an addiction to shitty television. And Netflix allows me to fully indulge. I like really awful reality TV shows (think Toddlers and Tiaras… although I don’t go all the way down to Real Housewives…), cooking shows (favorites is probably Chopped), and super angsty teen dramas (I just finished Star-Crossed which is a brilliant formula of aliens + teen angst = horribly awesome). I’m always looking for recommendations, so if you know of any good (or bad) shows on there, let me know!

Ocha – My sweet baby, Ocha. There’s so much that I could say, but I know I will get emotional. When I lived in Japan with my ex, for Christmas, I wanted nothing more than a bunny. I really don’t remember why I was so hell-bend on a bunny, but I had to have a bunny. So, after Christmas, he took me to a pet store in Japan (actually, it was more of a hardware store like Home Depot that happened to sell animals). And I fell in love with this little white bun, and I decided to name him Ocha, which means green tea. When I moved back to the States, of course Ocha came with me. And when things ended horribly with my ex, Ocha was the one who loved and comforted me.

Ocha has since passed away, and I can’t go into the details because I will cry, but he was such an important part of my life and me developing into who I am now. I’ll never forget him. I always think about him, especially on November 3rd, which was the day that I had decided was his birthday (It’s Culture Day in Japan, and I decided he was born on a holiday). Here are a ton of Ocha pics. I miss him so much.

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Next week, check back for P! Whew, we are getting through the alphabet pretty quickly, huh?

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