A to Z of me – M

A to Z of Me – The Letter M:

Mom – I am so lucky to have an amazing mother. My mom is so supportive, intelligent, and overall just very wonderful. Each of my ideas, whether crazy or insane, she has stood behind me on (except for wearing Chucks to my wedding!). When I was a teen and wanted pink and purple hair, she didn’t like it, but she was ok with it since I made good grades.Or when I wanted to up and move to Japan, she wasn’t happy about it, but she was still supportive.

She’s also a very funny lady. My mom (and dad) collect some crazy things, including: M&M dispensers, non-horse carousel figurines, ceramic houses, spoons, romance novels, and garden gnomes. Yup, they are pretty funny people.

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Mushrooms – This is the only vegetable that I dislike. It’s a texture thing. Seriously, though – BLECH.

Mogwai – My favorite album right now is the Les Revenants soundtrack from Mogwai. If you haven’t watched the show (GO DO IT NOW!) or listened to the soundtrack (GO DO IT NOW!), then you absolutely should.


Next week, N & O!

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