A to Z of me – J & K

A to Z of Me – The Letter J & K:

Japan – As I said before, I lived in Ehime in Japan. It was a pretty transformative time of my life. But, I’ve been home for 10 years now. What’s surprising is how much Japanese I remember after 10 years of not using it. I think if I went back to Japan, I could survive pretty regular day-to-day chit chat and find the toilet and whatnot. I think if I had stayed there longer, my Japanese would have improved a ton more, but oh well. I hope one day I can go back there. I’d like to take my beau-hunk to see Kyoto and Osaka and my lovely Ehime.

Here’s that song my friend Duncan’s band did about Ehime. Listen to it!

Knitting – I am a huge knitter! I am obsessed with shawls, but I love to knite pretty much anything. My Nana tried to teach me when I was about 5, but as you can imagine, 5-year old Abie didn’t quite have the needed attention span. But, my freshman year of college, I was inspired to take it back up. I taught myself by watching YouTube videos, and now, it’s one of my favorite hobbies. Here are a few things I’ve made over the years.

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Apparently I don’t have much to say about J or K… Next week, I’ll see what I have for the letter L…

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