A to Z of me – I

A to Z of Me – The Letter I:

Introverted – Most people would peg me for an extrovert, but secretly, I’m an introvert. An extroverted introvert, even! I read somewhere that the real way you define an extrovert is someone who is energized by being with people, and an introvert is someone who needs to recharge with alone time after being with a lot of people.

Even though my job involves talking to people every day all day, I still consider myself an introvert. I need to have quiet, alone time when I get home to recharge my batteries. A lot of times on the weekends, I like to hide out for at least one full day. Nothing wrong with being introverted, even if I have extroverted tendencies!

Indies – Obviously I love indies. My first indie company I ever ordered from was Notoriously Morbid. I still use some of these eyeshadows all the time. Neno is one of my go-to colors, and I’m so sad that it’s not being made anymore. In my second order, I got another of my favorite colors – Andorian. Too bad it’s also discontinued!! My favorite colors disappear… but that’s why it’s important to pick up a full size when you realize that you are in love with a color.

IMAM – This is where I really discovered my love for indies. It’s a reddit community for people interested in indie makeup and other indie goodies, mostly bath and body. As with any community with some big personalities, it goes through dramatic spurts, but overall, I learn a lot from the community and I thoroughly enjoy it!

*Picture from someecards.

Let’s talk about J & K next week!

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