A to Z of Me – G

A to Z of Me – The Letter G:

Ginger – You probably already know from all of my pictures, I’m a ginger. I am the only one in my family. I get it from my Nana, my dad’s mom. She and I always had a very special bond, and I think it’s because we were both redheads! In the US, it’s not quite as defining of a trait as it is in the UK. But, there’s still a lot associated with gingers.

There’s all kinds of stuff to know about redheads. I did a quick search and found a ton of articles about us! Here’s some stuff to know:

  • Gingers experience pain differently than “normal” people. This is totally true. When I go to the dentist, I have to remind them that I need about 2x more Novocaine than other people. Sometimes they don’t believe me, and let me tell you… that sucks.
  • Even that said, redheads are said to have higher pain tolerance!
  • Gingers don’t go gray. Our pigment fades and we turn white. True story: My Nana had mostly white hair that I can remember, although it was a very light red, I think. It was mostly white. Anyway, she got breast cancer, so she went through chemo and radiation which made all of her hair fall out. When it grew back, it grew back red again, not white!
  • In the Netherlands, there is a day to celebrate redheads! Redhead Day! Neat! I should go there.

Garnet – My Nana’s birthstone was garnet, so I’ve always been extremely fond of them.

Ghost Adventures– So, I have to admit. Ghost Adventures is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s such a silly show, but I love it. Do I think it’s all 100% real? No. Do I think some of it is real? Maybe/probably. Either way, it’s so over the top and entertaining that I can’t help myself. I mean, where else can you see ghost hunters that say the word “bro” 100x in each episode!

Gardening – Y’all already know. I love to garden. I plant veggies every year, but my prized plants are my peonies. I absolutely love them! This one is a Plainsman peony. So gorgeous! It’s definitely my favorite of all of the 5 varieties of peonies that I have.

Gray – This is my favorite color, in case you can’t tell by the fact that almost all of my favorite eyeshadow colors that I freak out over are gray! My second favorite color is purple, I think.

Game of Thrones – One of my favorite shows. I’ve not read the books though – don’t judge!

Glow Dance – You guys know I belly dance. I’ve been dancing with my same teacher for over 4 years, and I love her. Her name is Sabeeya Sun. She’s one of the most talented belly dancers I’ve seen, so I’m so honored to be one of her students! Just over a year ago, she opened up her own studio, Glow Dance and Fitness Studios. I’m so proud of her, and I can’t wait to see where she’ll be in 4 more years!

Next week, I’ll talk about the letter H! Woo!

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