A to Z of Me – F

A to Z of Me – The Letter F:

Fashion History – Fun fact about me: I have my Master’s in the History and Culture of Fashion from London College of Fashion. I actually wrote my thesis on Heian era Japanese fashion, which I’m sure I’ll talk about when I get to the letter H! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Amy de la Haye who is super well-known in the field of historic fashion. In fact, when I first found out that she would be working on my course, I was a bit starstruck! We both are very interested in the idea of materiality of things, studying the actual objects, so when it came time to work on my thesis, even though my time period was so far outside her usual area of interest, it was natural for me to work with her.

Ancient Japanese fashion is by far my favorite era. I find myself really drawn to Eastern costume. I find it just so beautiful and more interesting than Western clothing. I think the meaning behind the colors and patterns really draws me in. I like things with actual symbolism behind them, not just “we wore pink because that’s what you do on Wednesday,” for example.

That’s what’s so incredibly interesting to me about Heian fashion. Each color and combination of colors and patterns had a meaning, and you used clothing to tell people about yourself. We do that now, but this was in a much more direct way…. I’d better be careful! This is going to be a gigantic blog post if I let myself get too crazy about this here. More to come, especially if you guys are interested!

*Image of that gorgeous costume from Junihitoe.net

Forgetful – I can be forgetful sometimes, which is funny considering my job is to keep everyone on top of things. But in my home life, if it’s not on the calendar, I’ll forget about it. Or if my friends text me and I don’t respond right away… there’s a huge chance that I’ll completely forget to respond.

Figs – Figs are my current favorite dessert! I did a Whole 30-esque diet in the fall, and I wasn’t allowed to have ANY sugar. So¬† I found that dried figs gave me that sweetness I wanted, without the added sugar. Yum!

Family – I’m really lucky. I have an amazing family, and my in-laws are absolutely amazing. I really couldn’t ask for a better family. Yes, they are weird, especially my parents, but they are wonderful. I feel bad when people have trouble with their parents or with their siblings (although I can assure you that growing up as the younger sister with two older brothers was NOT easy! – my oldest brother and I didn’t start even being able to tolerate each other until he moved out of state for college. Luckily now we get along great). Fun fact: My parents have some ridiculous collections. These include:

  • Garden gnomes
  • Romance novels
  • Spoons from around the world (this is the one cool collection!)
  • Carousels that are not horses
  • M&M dispensers (they have HUNDREDS of these – it’s crazy)
  • Ceramic houses
  • Rice paper houses

Here are a couple pictures – pretty crazy, huh? My parents maintain that they aren’t hoarders if everything is on display. So…. yeah. That’s my family! Ha!


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Next week…G!

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