Notoriously Morbid Haul!!

I always see amazing posts of indie makeup hauls. And I get jealous.

So, I did it for myself! Notoriously Morbid was having a huge post-holiday sale, so I decided to jump on the NM bandwagon! I’m sure if you googled it, you’d find a million other blog posts about NM and her FABULOUS eyeshadows.

Seriously. These eyeshadows are fabulous.

So, when I decided to do a big purchase (I was feeling pretty down from other things, and I needed a pick me up), I looked at a million websites to figure out what colors I wanted. And the mini’s samples are about 1g of eyeshadow in a 5g pot, and that’s a lot for $2.75 each! At least I think so. So I figure I’ll get a few shades to test out the brand, but then I keep finding more and more and more that I want. Seriously, these colors are amazing. So, I went a bit crazy. I ended up buying 8 mini’s and was sent 2 sample pouches as a bonus!

I got:

  • Victorian Gypsy
  • Pornographic Priestess (what an insanely fun name)
  • Tempest
  • Cry Wolf Cry
  • Lizard on a Window Pane
  • Belle’s Bounty
  • Cry Innocent
  • Morgana
  • Shadow of Things (sample)
  • Neno (sample)

So, I am not exaggerating when I say that each jar I opened, and each swatch I did, I got more excited. These are gorgeous. Every. Single. One.

Millions of pictures. Ready, set, GO!

So, in review:

If you are thinking of purchasing from Notorious Morbid, do yourself a favor and do it. The shipping isn’t instantaneous, but it’s worth waiting a few extra days for these. Also, I’ll be buying the full 5g jar once my sample runs out, which I imagine won’t take very long.


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